Alledonian War
Location Alledon
Result Alliance between Chiid and Alledon. Peace as of September 29
Chiid FlagBorderlands of Chiid (Pulled out 25 Sep)
FlagbrThe Kingdom of Braddia (pulled out 26 Sep)
Devine Federation of Sirdovia
AlledonRepublic of Alledon
Peoples Republic of Asagon
Chiid FlagWarchief Ratash'Zen Governor Charles Chani (First Battle of Delilah)
General Connel Muzicha
President Parker Wve-Tllac
Commander Uvelo Borenedo
Captain Hrdraig Cymru
Chiid Flag16,750 Orcs in Total War Host
Flagbr5000 Humans from Braddia
    15000 Sirdovian Forces
4000 Asagonese Saurians
Casualties and losses
2 1,005

The Alledonian War is a conflict in the Republic of Alledon.



Chiid soldiers were raiding Lower Chiid, Alledon, for slaves. Their reason for attacking Alledon was to make them pay for the Dark Purge on Chiid. The raiders surrounded a small hamlet in Lower Chiid, Delilah. This surprised the people of Delilah, who spotted the raiders.

First Battle of DelilahEdit

The people of Delilah opened fire on the raiders. Soon, after trading gunfire, they charged. During the charge, the cheif of Alledon, and 5 other Alledonians, were injured, and four Alledonian soldiers were killed. Chiid Artillery have been placed around the settlement. After an official apology from Alledon, Chiid pulled out of the war.

Battle of the SeaEdit

The Battle of the Sea was a short lived demonstration between attacking ships coming from the Kingdom of Braddia and ships defending Alledon. The Alledonian ships came out to meet the Braddian ships. However, a cease fire was called before any shots were fired. Braddian troops were then dropped off in Chiid to meet the Klar-Zen host.

Second battle of DelilahEdit


Soon the Alledonian military arrived at Delilah, while Chiid and Braddian soldiers lined up to the north. Both sides were split along the Alledonian lineBraddian troops arrived with Klar-Zen reinforcements. When peacetalks were announced by FDA officials, the army was ordered to blockade the hamlet and wait for the conclusion of the talks. Chiid Artillery have been placed around the settlement. After an official apology from Alledon, Chiid pulled out of the war.

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