The major parties of each state nominate one citizen to represent them in the elections. The State Assembly votes on them, and the state population votes on them. Your percentage in the state population vote is worth 1 vote per every 10%


Results in a tie between Remi Cordon (AWP) and Malle Longston (ACP), President picks Cordon.


Donner Brown (ANP) becomes Senator

Lower ChiidEdit

Charles Chani (ACFP) becomes senator.

Grey BeachEdit

Dan Blackson (ACFP) becomes senator.


James Vie (ANP) becomes senator

Red IslandEdit

Dallen Corlian (ACP) becomes senator)

Tok ConfederationalEdit

Ieco Dallas (ACFP) becomes Senator

Novterra ColonialEdit

Ben Tericallid (ACFP) becomes Senator.


Cameron Delilah (ACFP) become senator.

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